All Quad Outlet Boxes are fed with two 120 volt,
20 amp circuits from opposite 240 volt legs next
to each other in the breaker panel. Thus allowing
every duplex outlet to be on a 20 amp circuit
of it's own. This makes it very  it easy to change
the quad box to a 240 volt circuit if 240 volt service
is needed. Wiring is 10 gage and can thus be upgraded
to 30 amp service if needed.

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Here in the AZ desert, most mountains are composed of decomposed
granite and earth Ground is very POOR at best. It is of greatest importance
to bond every piece of equipment, all buildings, towers, etc on a site
to the same DC potential.

The use of "Poly Phasers" and every piece of equipment on the site
being bonded to the same potential gives additional protection to
equipment from lightning damage.

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