Are you tired of barely getting by w/ HT power when traveling
in rental cars and staying in motel rooms and at non hams homes?

Then, check out and build your own version of the Ultimate Universal Powered "Travel Radio".
Here's what I have done:

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Box is from an "Epic" paramedic radio set that belonged to an ambulance company client.
These radios are no longer in use, as medics now use cellphones to communicate with hospitals.
My first thought for a box was the housing used with the IFR-500 service monitor. I couldn't
find one & then I remembered that I had this old medic radio.

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Radio shown in the pictures on this webpage is an Icom 2350, mounted atop an Astron SL11A.

The Icom 2350 shown in the pictures on this website was replaced with a Yaesu FT-8800 in 2008.
I probably will never update the pictures to reflect this upgrade.
But if you're interested, the FT-8800's bolt pattern & dimensions is a direct, drop in, no modifications needed replacement.

Behind the Astron is a 7Ah sealed lead battery which the astron maintains.
Behind the radio is a VHF - UHF splitter (diplexer) which feeds BNC connectors
which the rubber antennas are mounted on.  The power cords & antennas are stored inside
the box and the BNC connectors can be used to connect mag mount antennas to use on a rental
car, a non ham's car, etc. Likewise fixed and portable base antennas can be connected.
Full 50w VHF & 35w UHF can be safely transmitted into outside antennas.
Plate to left of radio, under VHF antenna contains 12VDC power connector (same connector as used
on Motorola Maxtracs, Spectras & most Radius mobile radios). 12VDC connector parallels switch to
battery, pwr input to radio and power output connector (cigarette lighter) on right side of box. A 10 amp
diode mounted inside the Astron is reverse biased by the battery & 12VDC connector, thus protecting the
pass transistors in the Astron when the Astron is turned off. Astron voltage set to 14.2 at output of diode.

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120VAC connector is an IEC (like used on most PC's & modern test equipment). 12VDC
output (cigarette lighter) is availible to power other 12VDC devices at the same time. Or w/
IC2350 not transmitting, can be used to power anything up to about 8 Amps continuous.
Or the internal battery can supply 12VDC to the cigarette lighter to give long term power to a
cellphone, HT, etc. Can also be used to power a small inverter to get 120VAC to power low
wattage appliances.
A 2" 12VDC muffin fan is mounted behind the radio, blowing down on the Astron's
heat sink to provide supplemental cooling in the confined space.

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Close up of IEC connector (any PC power plug fits it) & the 12VDC (cigerette lighter) output,
shown powering the cellphone pictured.

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Supplimental fan, diplexer and battery shown here. Held down by velcro strap.

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Close up of Fan, diplexer & battery.

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12VDC connector. There is a diode inserted in line with the + pin on this connector,
which is forward biased by 12VDC when applied to this connector.

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In operation at "Canyon Lake", AZ., powered by internal battery.

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