Micor "Mike".  March 13, 1981 - March 04, 1999 (88 cat years).

Pixs taken Feb 27, 1999:
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It was late 1980 and I had a ham friend who had a cat named
Motrac "Mo", and another friend who had a cat named Maxar "Max".
Both good Motorola mobile radios at the time and still good stuff today,
as far as quality of manufacture is concerned.

My wife & I wanted a cat, an orange tabby "tiger", who would look
like Morris and act like Garfield. I wanted to name him after a Motorola
radio, like my other friends have named their cats. My wife wanted to make
sure he would have a normal human type of name too.
I was using Micor mobiles at the time for my 440 & 460 activities (had to
have a separate radio for each spectrum then and limited to 12 xtal channels),
and my wife realized that you could derive "Mike" out of Micor, so Micor he
was named. We most often called him "Mike" though!

In his younger years, he often sat on the bench w/ me while I was fixing mobile
radios and or hamming. He often chewed the tips of HT antennas when he was
a kitten and one time I caught him chewing on a crystal that I just removed from
a KXN1024A (Micor channel element), when I was rechanneling a Micor mobile
one day.  I would often hold a keyed mic or HT up to him as he meowed and purred
when I was talking w/ certain friends on 2m & 440.
I always said his purr sounded like DPL!

He was "fixed" & declawed as a kitten and lived 100% indoors. He weighed
22 pounds in his prime. He was in good health until age 17 years (84 cat years),
when he was diagnosed w/ the beginnings of kidney failure in March 1998.
He was diagnosed w/ lung cancer in Dec 1998
& started to show signs of discomfort March 04, 1999.
The vet thus recommended that it was time for him to go to sleep.

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          Purred "DPL" for 18 years. Lived a good long life, like most Micors have.

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           The life of a cat.....Sleep until you're hungry.....Eat until you're tired!

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                                                  "Do I smell Fish?"

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