WB7TUJ's Hamshack


S Line 75S-3 & 32S-3 drives 2K-4  Primary 40 Meters
KWM2-A drives 30L-1 Primary 75 Meters
Syntors UHF & VHF 



FT-101B drives FL-2100 Primary 20 & 15 Meters
FT-101E drives AL-80 Primary 160 Meters
Maxtracs are supplemental UHF & VHF
IC-735 (above Ft101s) is back up HF (runs on 12VDC w/ Battery Backup)
Motorola mic goes to U51LLT Motran on 52.525

Power to shack is a 240V 60A circuit run w/ 6 AWG copper.
Power runs to a sub panel where there are two 240V 15A circuits off of it.
One circuit runs under the shelves to power all amplifiers and the 32-S3 and the line monitor above.

The other circuit runs to a 15KVa transformer that steps 240 down to 120.
Two 20A 120V circuits from the transformer, one runs under the shelves
and powers the KWM2-A, 75S-3, FT101s, stereo system & antenna rotor.

The other 120V circuit powers an Astron RM-60 for all 12VDC equipment and the 12VDC lighting
as well as power strips on a work bench (not shown).

All power in shack 240 & 120 is isolated from neutral, thus giving better lightning protection.


I believe in using resonant antennas, rather than a long wire, G5RV, etc. fed by a tuner.
160m 1/4 wave Sloper fed at top of tower is resonant (2:1 or better) between 1840-1920KHz
75m Inverted Vee resonant 3820-4000KHz 
40m Inverted Vee resonant across the entire 40m phone band
Tri Band antennas resonant across 20, 15 & 10m phone bands
Tuner is used when there is need to go outside of antenna resonance (2:1 +)
or to use 160m antenna on 40 or 75 as a back up should those antennas fail


WB7TUJ Tower upper webpg.jpg (23683 bytes)

Tower is Rohn HBX-56; DB224E for 2m repeater, DB420 for UHF repeater, Mosley
TA-33 tri band beam, Comet CA2X4 MAX VHF/UHF at top for Syntor X9000s.
Balun on rope feeds 2 inverted vees (40m & 75m), 160m 1/4 wave sloper fed at tower top.

WB7TUJ TA-33 webpg.jpg (21330 bytes)

Close up of Mosley TA-33 tri band yagi & Comet 2X4 MAX.
Balun and 40m & 75m wires can be faintly seen.
6m antenna is side mounted lower on tower.
Hy-Gain TBTV vertical 20, 15 & 10m on roof of house.

Six Meter Antwebpg.jpg (26728 bytes)

Celwave, PD320, Side Mounted Unity Gain & resonant on 52.525.

Straight up towerwebpg.jpg (27978 bytes)

6 Meter Celwave, PD320 (lowest).

DB Products, DB224E on 145.330, PL114.8, "open" repeater.
Highly cardioid to the West. Has good coverage into Central &
West Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Ahwatukee & East Phoenix.
Very poor coverage into Gilbert, East Mesa & Apache Jct.

DB Products, DB420 on "closed" UHF repeater.
Has fairly omni coverage with a little lobe to the North.

Twrtop & HFwireswebpg.jpg (26332 bytes)

Balun supported by rope & pulley for easy maintenance, feeding 40m & 75m inverted vees.

TBTVwebpg.jpg (16634 bytes)

High Gain TBTV (Three Band Trapped Vertical) for 20, 15 & 10 meters.
Used mostly w/ Icom 735 on 10 meters FM 29.600Mhz.

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