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KJ7AG operating his Kenwood TS-50

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Top of KJ7AG's tower. Comet 2m ant @ top, Balun feeds 75m dipole.

KJ7AG's Ham Shack is powered by Solar Power. 
Solar Power also powers a 600 watt inverter
to run "whatever" for a short period of time
and for emergency power during outages.


Solar panels
The 2 panels are 2 amps each & the 3rd panel is 4 amps:





Voltage regulator mounted on wall. 8 ga wire from collector (50' run) and to batteries (2' run).
Bananna plug connectors supply power to HF & 2m radios.
Cigarette lighter jacks supply power to 300 watt inverter & UHF radio.
Inverter used to power lights, HT & other battery chargers. Is also used to power
various small household appliances during power outage emergencies.

Changing out a single band 2meter only Comet antenna with a Comet 2m - .7cm dualbander
Memorial Day 2003


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