WB7TUJ's infamous

Inverter Burgers

This idea started way back in time when there was a desire to cook burgers and there was lack of commercial electrical power on certain radio sites to power the burger cooking apparatus.

During the 1970's & 1980's I always had a "dynamotor" wired into the 12 VDC electrical system of my work / ham vehicles. These dynamotors consisted of a single shaft and two windings. The first winding was a 12 VDC motor and the second winding was a 120 VAC generator, capible of producing about 500 watts, voltage and frequency <very> unstable sine wave.

I had a "Presto" brand burger cooker that used around 400 watts @ 120 Volts and this dynamotor powered this cooker just fine. It turned out one burger at a time & took about 10 minutes to cook.


With the advent of switcher technology, 12VDC - 120VAC inverters have become very reliable and inexpensive. So ever since the 1990's I have had inverters in my vehicles and have used these inverters to run power tools, test equipment, lighting and of course my burger cooker.

Since the inexpensive inverters are very voltage and frequency stable, but they produce a square wave "modified sine wave" per their manufactures, I started joking with my friends and associates about my "inverter burgers" having an extra special flavor that's produced from "cooking them on a square wave". This has caught on & we've had lots of fun joking about it.

Then last year, my "Presto" brand cooker broke (the bakelite handle cracked & broke) and thus was the end of this cooker.

So, a good friend and connoisseur of my infamous "inverter burgers" bought me a "George Foreman, Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine". The 750 watt model.....no problem for my 1500 watt inverter, for Christmas. And thus, this year I've been cooking them two at a time, buying extra lean meat & the cooker drains the fat for a healthier diet of inverter burgers.


Here is an example of an "Inverter Burger Picnic" during a professional work project on
Mt Lemmon, near Tucson, AZ., 18 June 2001.

The "Picnic Ground" <mountain top work site>

Square Wave POWER! 80 Amps @ 12 VDC.

The same knife that strips wire & jacketing off of heliax etc. adds flavor too!

The "fruits" of our inverter burger cooking labors!

A sad note: This beautiful site was destroyed by the "Aspen Fire" 20 June 2003.
Two years and two days after the above pictures were taken.
The towers, buildings and radios will be replaced soon, but it will be decades before the tall pine trees will be back.

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