The Innocent Airplanes that made History in the hands of Terrorists

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all who are effected by this terrible tragedy.

I wanted to publish these pictures so that these beautiful aircraft could be remembered doing what they were made to do:
They took people on vacations, newlyweds on their honeymoons, grandparents to see newborn grandchildren.
They brought families together for reunions, weddings, funerals and other memorable occasions.
They helped business and industry by bringing people together for meetings, conferences and conventions.

N334AA Taxing for takeoff in SJC this past July.
This airplane was crashed into the World Trade Center

Published with permission from Ben Wang. This picture and more pictures of this airplane can also be seen at

Capt. Gary Hansen KB0SW, AA Retired:
"N334AA. I have flown that plane, in fact I flew it when it was new
from the factory, that's why I remember it.  Had that new airplane smell.  We
were all waiting on the new 330 series as it had some new stuff to play with
on those long dark nights.  I think I flew it on its second or third trip
after acceptance from Boeing." 

N612UA on final to LAX this past August.
This airplane was crashed into the World Trade Center.

Published with permission from James Richard Covington, Jr.  This picture and more pictures of this airplane can also be seen at

Capt. Don Cronk, UA Retired:
"I flew for United Airlines for nearly 30 years.  When I saw the 9/11 happenings and heard a United 767 had impacted tower #2 I had one of my computer savy sons check to see if he could get the N number the the actual aircraft that hit the building.  With research he found it was N612UA.  Number 12!  I then dug out my log books and found the ones that recorded my flying as a B 757 and 767 Captain.  We were dual qualified.  I was surprised to find the the very first 767 that I had flown as a new Captain was Number 12.  I was doing my IOE ie; initial operating experience and had a Check Airman flying as my Co-pilot.  I can remember stepping into the it was my first flight in a 67 and I flew it from LAX to JFK.  (All our training to that point is in a simulator....the first real airplane we get in on the "line" full of passengers!)  As I read my log book my mind went to the cockpit and I could see the terrorist sitting in "my" seat...holding the very controls I had held.......driving that plane headlong into the trade tower.  It was beyond my comprehension how someone could do such a horrible thing!  Reviewing my log.....I found I had flown the aircraft 5 times.....between JFK and LAX or returning.  Such a memory I never wanted to have..".


N644AA landing LAX this past March.
This airplane was crashed into the Pentagon.

Published with permission from Joe Pries.  This picture and more pictures of this airplane can also be seen at


N591UA departing SEA in Nov 1999.
This airplane crashed near Pittsburgh, PA., after heroic action by passengers.

Published with permission from Ben Wang.  This picture and more pictures of this airplane can also be seen at

Like the innocent people who were riding on them and in the buildings they were crashed into, these airplanes were as innocent as they.

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