The pictures below are of items that are on display inside the
LDS Church Museum

Altar from Mantiwebpg.jpg (17055 bytes)

  Altar from sealing room in Manti Temple

Doorknob SLCwebpg.jpg (27490 bytes)

Doorknob from Salt Lake City Temple

Johntaylor Watchwebpg.jpg (23453 bytes)

John Taylor's watch that stopped a bullet that would have probably
killed him. He was shot along with Joseph & Hyrum Smith and
 Willard Richards. Bro Richards recovered from his wounds.

BkofMomon printpresswebpg.jpg (20151 bytes)

Original printing press that printed the Book of Mormon

Candy Bomberwebpg.jpg (21234 bytes)

A photograph of the "Candy Bomber". Piloted by a L.D.S. church
 member. This DC-4 aircraft was used to ferry supplies to German
  citizens post World War II. The pilot of this airplane often attached
    bubblegum and candy to the strings of small parachutes and dropped
   them on groups of German Children who would come running when
  they heard the "Candy Bomber" overhead and saw him "wagging
 it's wings, giving the signal that he was about to drop candy.

                                     This story shows just one of many ways L.D.S. give service to their fellow man.

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