1. Benson, Ezra T.
2. Browning, John M.
Cannon, John Q.

Grant, Heber J.

Hinckley, Gordon B

Hunter, Howard W
Kimball, Spencer W.
Lee, Harold B.

McKay, David O.

Pratt, Orson

Rockwell, Orrin Porter

Smith, George Albert

3. Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph F.

Smith Joseph Fielding
3. Smith, Hyrum
4. Stapley, Delbert L.
Taylor, John

Woodruff, Wilford
5. Young, Brigham


1. Ezra Taft Benson is buried in his home town of Whitney, ID

2. John M. Browning is buried in the Ogden City Cemetary

3. Joseph Smith Jr. & his brother Hyrum are buried in Nauvoo, IL
(not pictured......haven't been there yet!)

4. Delbert L Stapley is buried in the City of Mesa Cemetery 
Mesa, AZ.

5. Brigham Young is buried in Brigham Young Park,
two blocks North of Temple Square

All else above are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery


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