A Breath Taking Sunset
from White Tanks East Peak

12 November 2004
All pictures on this page Copyright: Harold Pierson N7ULY

A great benefit of being in the mountaintop business is
having the opportunity of witnessing some of the great beauties of nature
and the Spiritual uplifting they give me.

My good friend & business associate Harold Pierson N7ULY & I were working
together on radio equipment inside a building on this site late this afternoon.
It had been raining and there was alot of work to do,
thus the focus remained inside with no regard to what was going on in the great outdoors.

We noticed that the rain had subsided & we were in need of a break.
Thus, we went outside & had a view of what I think is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

Looking North East towards mountains North of New River



Looking West in the Buckeye area and West from there



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